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The Loufiz project proposed distributed robot lending services on the IRC network Undernet for 2 years and a half. Although these IRC services are over since 21/12/2003, some links present here might be useful to you:

Guillaume Tournand

Distributed IRC robot lending: the Loufiz project - overview

1 - Introduction

Before going into the core aspects of this project, it is important to quickly set some definitions and unfold some concepts.

1.1 - IRC

IRC architecture

1.2 - The problem

IRC network split

Distributed IRC network

Possible solution : change the current architecture to a distributed IRC network; allowing as a side effect an optimal handling of the bandwidth (please note that on the current situation, each server has to handle the overall IRC network load!).

2 - Need analysis
2.1 - Needs on the users’ side
2.2 - Needs on the administrators’ side

3 - Solution

Solution: the Loufiz project

Botnet (network of robots)
SQL <=> Botnet
Users / Administrators
3.1 - Botnet

Botnet conceptual view

Logical robot group view

Logical group view expanded

3.2 - HTTP(S) / SQL

As briefly explained above, the website is the user friendly platform to administrate the lent robots. It therefore orchestrates transparently the flows while matching some standards of security.

Typical flow view

3.3 - Link SQL <=> Botnet

4 - Assessment

Assesment graph

Our project fulfilled a need.

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The project in detail: download the dissertation and the source codes.

If you want to know more about how this project worked, feel free to download this pdf document - which includes the conception, implementation steps and source codes (3 MB).

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associations offering robot lending on Undernet - last update: 10/2004


Web address


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